Iceland II

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What would be your typical summer destination for a weekend trip? Iceland? Probably not… why we ended up there remains a mystery even to us 😉 In the end, if you get used to the idea of an icelandic heat wave of incredible 16°C , spontaneous little rain showers and the fact that it never gets dark then it is not too bad. It may even be the right place for people looking for adventure or just simply an unusual destination, which is stunning, breathtaking and very different.

While 10 years ago, I have already toured Iceland’s ring road – route 1, this time we stayed at the “golden circle” with its three primary attractions:

  1. Gullfoss Waterfall

  2. The geothermal area near Haukadalur including the active Strokkur geysir

  3. Pingvellir National Park

Iceland at 3 a.m.:

Namibia II

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It’s about time for another blog post and particularly this one of our trip to Namibia half a year ago. But I suppose that it is never too late for a little selection of beautiful pictures of an interesting trip… 
3 years ago when I lived in Namibia, I didn’t have the money to book a 4×4 car and get to see Namibia’s main attractions, so therefore I was even more excited when finally we got the chance to visit all these amazing places.

Here a little overview of the variety of the Namibian landscape and its vastness.

For those interested in the logistical side, we rented a car at Camping Car Hire (well equipped car, new tires, fast and friendly service). We started in Windhoek and then did roughly this tour:
Windhoek – Namib Mountain Zebra NP – Sossusvlei – Namib-Naukluft NP – Swakopmund – Skeleton Coast – Brandberg – Kunene-NorthWest of Namibia, searching the desert elephants – Opuwo – Etosha NP – Waterberg Plateau – Omaruru – Erongo mountains – Windhoek

Pictures of the first 5 days:


No stay in Swakopmund would be complete without this exciting start in the day 😀

After Swakopmund, we explored the North-West of Namibia:                                                                               Brandberg


A dream, which has become real: We found 2 of the very rare desert elephants 🙂


After Kunene, we carried on to Etosha. As all these wildlife pictures would burst this post, if interested, check the next post 😉

As it was the beginning of the rain season in the north (see above), after Etosha we left quickly for the South again… and found paradise at the Waterberg Plateau (except maybe for these little biting scorpions)!

Cannot wait to get back there!!

Chaingang in Luxembourg

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Back in England, Martin was avid for the weekly chaingang sessions in Cambridge. As he missed these rides, he just simply introduced them here in Luxembourg too and hence since a couple of weeks, every tuesday evening a growing number of cycling enthousiasts meet @Britannia for the “Belgian circle”:

Martin’s description and introduction (facebook page)

This is the official Chaingang Luxembourg group for all cycling enthusiasts.

The idea of a “Belgian circle” is to ride the same loop (every week, around 60-80km) with as many riders as possible in a group for as long as possible & especially as fast as possible. It has to be a smooth change of riders at the front all time, similar to a TeamTimeTrial.

For All of you who have never done a Chaingang before:

– be careful….it is like a drug & you are quickly addicted! (seriously)

– the ride will be a “Belgian Circle” which means continuous rotation within the group

– a group is split in at least 6 – up to 12 riders (not more, otherwise it gets too dangerous & crazy)

– it is every tuesday & we always follow the same route (therefore I appreciate help with planning the route)

– start is 18:30 which should be possible for most of us & takes between 1:30-2:00 hours

– Attention! This ride is a dropping ride which means if someone has bad legs/puncture etc. he has to ride home on his own. So, no one is waiting (although, it is possible due to the course that you can shorten & hang on on another location)

I certainly know that this is an ambitious goal, but I would like to see in future +100 people at the meeting point (like with my Cycle Club in Cambridge, where this is the case every single week, irrelevant if someone has/had a race or not.

Every rider has to make an effort that everything runs smoothly (lights etc.)

Interested? Would you like to join the ride or get more details about the chaingang? Then please go to the FACEBOOK PAGE, which is updated every week. 


N°10: Do a training camp: GIRONA

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Remember my to-do list ? Number 10 about doing a trainings camp on one of the Canary or Balearic Islands? Well we decided to finally do a trainings camp BUT to go to a more unusual place, at least for triathletes: GIRONA!

Except that it is a roundabout way to get there (5 hours getting lost 3 times in Barcelona, plus than catching the wrong slow train to Girona, and paying 160euro for a taxi to bring us to the airport on a Sunday morning as there is no public transport before 7.15 a.m.!!), we spend an amazing time in this beautiful city.


chia fresh fruit yoghurt granola parfait

The perfect breakfast, light dessert or snack for the afternoon for all kind of athletes: Overnight parfait with fresh fruits, chia seeds, granola and yoghurt. The chia seed pudding is seriously pudding-like and vegan!

High in anti-inflammatory omega-3s, this naturally sweet chia pudding layered with yoghurt (dairy or non-dairy) and fresh self-made granola is a make-ahead recipe that is simple, loaded with nutrients and fibers. It is so easy to do: For the chia pudding, mix together the ingredients the night before, pop it in the fridge and look forward to a special treat the next day! Just add the yoghurt and fruits before serving. Sprinkle with granola.


For the chia seeds pudding, just simply mix the few following ingredients:

  • 350 ml almond milk, original
  • 60 g chia seeds
  • 25 g unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2-3 tablespoons sugar beet syrup / maple syrup / honey (for a non-vegan option). Use more if you prefer it sweeter.
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Blend it or leave unblended. I actually prefer the unblended version, which is also easier and faster. Leave it in the fridge overnight.

The following morning only add fresh or frozen fruits, the yoghurt (sorry there was not more yoghurt left anymore to fill up the glass). Choose non-dairy yoghurt for a vegan option. Lastly sprinkle with self-made fresh granola.


Keeps covered in the fridge for 2-3 days.