Sport, food and travel obsessed. Restless. A runner, a marathoner, ultra trail runner, triathlete and hopefully one day an Ironman. That’s me. My name is Michèle and I’m from beautiful Luxembourg.

A vegetarian since 14 years, food and nutrition was always an important part in my life. While in the beginning, my role in the kitchen was rather limited to baking and as an early bird, making breakfast, my cooking quickly improved when I moved out. I got more involved in food and trying ‘exotic’ cuisines. Travels also made its share by being a great inspiration source.

As a result of me living in the last couple of years in 5 different countries, plus getting more involved into sports, it was just a logical step to occupy myself more with my nutrition; to prepare many things myself in order to save money (which students never have…) and avoid all these artificial additives and preservatives. As an always hungry person with a highly-active metabolism, I see it as my job to fuel my body with enough calories in the right way (even though I have to admit that sometimes the chocolate freak inside me wins) and maybe to obtain a better recovery thus a better performance through food.

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It was during my travels but also competitions that I noticed how uninformed many people still are regarding their nutrition, when to eat what or even training in general. This is quite surprising particularly for endurance athletes as it is today easier than ever to get information about food or sport nutrition. The web is flooded with training and other valuable tips, with thousands of athlete websites and food blogs. But no one has genuinely tried to offer information with corresponding recipes. So that is what I will try to do.

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