Beautiful Luxembourg

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Luxembourg – Actually this is not really about travelling but still after studying for years abroad, having friends and a boyfriend from abroad that you show around, then you start to see your own country from a different point of view and probably also appreciate it better.
Therefore I decided to do a little bit of advertisement by showing some pictures I took in the last couple of months…

Pictures of this summer including Luxembourg city, Echternach, the 70.3 Luxembourg at the ‘Musel’ river and vineyards, the ‘Gala Tour de France’ in the industrial South, our own little ‘Tour de Luxembourg’ incl. a couple of castles such as Vianden, the ‘Schueberfour’, a big funfair… 
(Give both sliders 1 minute time to load afterwards they stop acting up weirdly)

Here’s another couple of pictures from the last weeks: Beautiful autumn with its reddish autumnly coloured trees. All the pictures were taking during mountain biking horse riding, walking etc.

Oh and please notice that Luxembourg is NOT flat. It is something I was asked at least 50 times in the last years. It is a confusion probably tracing back to the BeNeLux being called the flatlands or low countries, which obviously is totally wrong as one should not forget amongst others the Ardennes, a region of rough terrain, extensive forests, rolling hills and ridges.


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