Chaingang in Luxembourg

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Back in England, Martin was avid for the weekly chaingang sessions in Cambridge. As he missed these rides, he just simply introduced them here in Luxembourg too and hence since a couple of weeks, every tuesday evening a growing number of cycling enthousiasts meet @Britannia for the “Belgian circle”:

Martin’s description and introduction (facebook page)

This is the official Chaingang Luxembourg group for all cycling enthusiasts.

The idea of a “Belgian circle” is to ride the same loop (every week, around 60-80km) with as many riders as possible in a group for as long as possible & especially as fast as possible. It has to be a smooth change of riders at the front all time, similar to a TeamTimeTrial.

For All of you who have never done a Chaingang before:

– be careful….it is like a drug & you are quickly addicted! (seriously)

– the ride will be a “Belgian Circle” which means continuous rotation within the group

– a group is split in at least 6 – up to 12 riders (not more, otherwise it gets too dangerous & crazy)

– it is every tuesday & we always follow the same route (therefore I appreciate help with planning the route)

– start is 18:30 which should be possible for most of us & takes between 1:30-2:00 hours

– Attention! This ride is a dropping ride which means if someone has bad legs/puncture etc. he has to ride home on his own. So, no one is waiting (although, it is possible due to the course that you can shorten & hang on on another location)

I certainly know that this is an ambitious goal, but I would like to see in future +100 people at the meeting point (like with my Cycle Club in Cambridge, where this is the case every single week, irrelevant if someone has/had a race or not.

Every rider has to make an effort that everything runs smoothly (lights etc.)

Interested? Would you like to join the ride or get more details about the chaingang? Then please go to the FACEBOOK PAGE, which is updated every week. 


N°10: Do a training camp: GIRONA

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Remember my to-do list ? Number 10 about doing a trainings camp on one of the Canary or Balearic Islands? Well we decided to finally do a trainings camp BUT to go to a more unusual place, at least for triathletes: GIRONA!

Except that it is a roundabout way to get there (5 hours getting lost 3 times in Barcelona, plus than catching the wrong slow train to Girona, and paying 160euro for a taxi to bring us to the airport on a Sunday morning as there is no public transport before 7.15 a.m.!!), we spend an amazing time in this beautiful city.


Morocco, Part 1, Video

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Little video done by my sister Carole about our ascent of Mount Toubkal, 4167m, beginning of January.

Sporty things that I am going crazy for lately

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There are a couple of things in the sports world that I’m going crazy for lately.

First of all, I discovered in the last months a couple of very nice sports clothes that just simply amazes me.

 For instance, there is NEWLINE, a performance running gear manufacturer from Denmark. I have already a couple of their products and they are practical, keep warm and dry (they even have running trousers for a temperature range of -15 to 0°C!!) and are well-designed. I love especially their new winter and autumn collection!


And why should one use big brands, which neither design or produce their products in Europe, if you can get so nice ones here? Another one that I discovered lately is KARI TRAA, another Scandinavian brand, which is totally colourful and fresh and where I particularly love these colourful Merino baselayers: 


To-do list

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Just for the fun of it, Martin and I started a couple of weeks ago a list with 50 things we want to do before we turn 50. We allowed ourselves a couple of years to do it;) Which first sounded really easy, has proved to be quite challenging. Both of us have already travelled and done quite a lot of things, events, “extreme” sports (which all emerged to be not that extreme, well or at least not extreme enough) and less extreme ones like you can see on our little selection of images on the banner picture above. 

Of course we will keep you updated about our progresses… so here’s our list: