N°10: Do a training camp: GIRONA

Sports Blog, Travel | 23rd April 2016 | By

Remember my to-do list ? Number 10 about doing a trainings camp on one of the Canary or Balearic Islands? Well we decided to finally do a trainings camp BUT to go to a more unusual place, at least for triathletes: GIRONA!

Except that it is a roundabout way to get there (5 hours getting lost 3 times in Barcelona, plus than catching the wrong slow train to Girona, and paying 160euro for a taxi to bring us to the airport on a Sunday morning as there is no public transport before 7.15 a.m.!!), we spend an amazing time in this beautiful city.


Morocco, Part 2, Video 2

Travel | 8th February 2016 | By

So here’s finally the second video, done by my sister Carole about the second part of our trip in Morocco. It was mainly a road trip visiting the “vallée des roses”, “gorge du Dadès”, Todra etc. Don’t miss to first see PART 1
And please don’t even try to understand the weird part with this half eaten orange, probably you have to be Carole to understand this 😉
Oh, and big thanks to Martin from Manchester, who just simply made our days in Morocco with his outgoing and funny way. I wish you all the best for your future trips & great projects, and I really hope that your mum enjoys the bird bell;) See you hopefully soon again

Morocco, Part 1, Video

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Little video done by my sister Carole about our ascent of Mount Toubkal, 4167m, beginning of January.

Beautiful Luxembourg

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Luxembourg – Actually this is not really about travelling but still after studying for years abroad, having friends and a boyfriend from abroad that you show around, then you start to see your own country from a different point of view and probably also appreciate it better.
Therefore I decided to do a little bit of advertisement by showing some pictures I took in the last couple of months…


South Africa the Second

Travel | 30th October 2015 | By

It has already been a while ago since I was in South Africa, in fact it was in January but at least this time I have a valuable excuse for not making the post earlier on. My camera broke down at the end of the trip and most the pictures were not available anymore. Same happened to my tablet, which is still acting up. Imagine how disappointed I was! It would take half a year and a dedicated photographer (Pierre from http://www.levygraphie.lu/) to recover my dear pictures.

While the trip was initially planned as a study trip to do some field research and interviews for my master dissertation, I was very happy to finally get to see this part of South Africa and especially to discover Stellenbosch, a town of particular interest for any triathlete or fanatic sport lover and not for no reason!! To keep it short, after my stay there I went shortly to Cape Town to leave afterwards for a trip along the garden route / coast up to Plettenberg Bay, back again, Simon’s Town and Stellenbosch again. One of my highlights was definitely to visit the Knysna National Park and to meet and touch the elephants, one of my favourite animals. It was very special!