Iceland II

Travel | 7th November 2017 | By

What would be your typical summer destination for a weekend trip? Iceland? Probably not… why we ended up there remains a mystery even to us 😉 In the end, if you get used to the idea of an icelandic heat wave of incredible 16°C , spontaneous little rain showers and the fact that it never gets dark then it is not too bad. It may even be the right place for people looking for adventure or just simply an unusual destination, which is stunning, breathtaking and very different.

While 10 years ago, I have already toured Iceland’s ring road – route 1, this time we stayed at the “golden circle” with its three primary attractions:

  1. Gullfoss Waterfall

  2. The geothermal area near Haukadalur including the active Strokkur geysir

  3. Pingvellir National Park

Iceland at 3 a.m.:


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