N°10: Do a training camp: GIRONA

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Remember my to-do list ? Number 10 about doing a trainings camp on one of the Canary or Balearic Islands? Well we decided to finally do a trainings camp BUT to go to a more unusual place, at least for triathletes: GIRONA!

Except that it is a roundabout way to get there (5 hours getting lost 3 times in Barcelona, plus than catching the wrong slow train to Girona, and paying 160euro for a taxi to bring us to the airport on a Sunday morning as there is no public transport before 7.15 a.m.!!), we spend an amazing time in this beautiful city.


We had a nice time walking through the small streets, walking on the fortification walls, enjoying the sun… as we were extremely lucky with the weather as we had no rain at all and the temperature increased from kindly 21°C at the beginning to  pleasant 25°C before we left. 

IMG_2432 IMG_2436

IMG_2424 IMG_2408

And then we (particularly Martin) did of course extensive cycling tours. Girona being perfectly situated between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava offers a true paradise for sport enthusiasts with its rolling hills, amazing panoramas, smooth road surface and splendid nature.


I am a pine-tree lover!!

20160412_120909Oh and may I present my new bike: Baby Mathot! According to Martin, because of the bike’s small size it is not yet a proper grown-up Mathot, therefore the name Baby Mathot…


Martin’s beloved Cervélo was of course also part of the team:


Trip along the coast on one of the last days, a very windy afternoon. Happy face even tough I kissed the crash barrier a bit earlier that day…


Oh and then there was of course La Fabrica, one of the reasons why we absolutely wanted to come to Girona. We were not disappointed, its location, food, cakes…. healthy and marvellous. I think we were quite good guests during our stay;)

Only downside of our trip were the swimming facilities. While there is a nice 50m swimming pool in Girona, they ask 13€ entrance fees! Even in England, Luxembourg or Switzerland, which are after all much more expensive countries I never paid more than 5€ to go for a swim! But next time I will bring my wetsuit to swim in this “swimming pool”, only 18km away. Look at these lanes!! Perfect length!


We were the first time in Girona but for sure it was not the last time. We had a wonderful time, we were lucky with our AirBnB  accommodations, especially our first host Héloise and her perfectly situated flat in the middle of the old town, and very lucky with the weather.

May the next days off come fast……. lol






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