Morocco, Part 2, Video 2

Travel | 8th February 2016 | By

So here’s finally the second video, done by my sister Carole about the second part of our trip in Morocco. It was mainly a road trip visiting the “vallée des roses”, “gorge du Dadès”, Todra etc. Don’t miss to first see PART 1
And please don’t even try to understand the weird part with this half eaten orange, probably you have to be Carole to understand this 😉
Oh, and big thanks to Martin from Manchester, who just simply made our days in Morocco with his outgoing and funny way. I wish you all the best for your future trips & great projects, and I really hope that your mum enjoys the bird bell;) See you hopefully soon again

Morocco, Part 1, Video

Sports Blog, Travel | 23rd January 2016 | By

Little video done by my sister Carole about our ascent of Mount Toubkal, 4167m, beginning of January.

Christmas baking XXL, part I

Sweet sins | 26th December 2015 | By

First of all, sorry for the long absence but I was very busy with relocating, decorating and so on. And now it looks fabulous:)

So and then, it’s Christmas, time for sweet sins, christmas markets, baking and for our (Carole – sister, Anne – cousin and my) annual biscuit and cookie XXL baking action. We started this many years ago and it got a nice tradition to meet one or two days before Christmas’ Eve for a couple of hours (this year we were making a baking marathon of 6 hours!!) and make a tonne of Christmas’ pastry and give them to our family, and here is the result:

Christmas Baking XXL_6


Sporty things that I am going crazy for lately

Sports Blog | 2nd December 2015 | By

There are a couple of things in the sports world that I’m going crazy for lately.

First of all, I discovered in the last months a couple of very nice sports clothes that just simply amazes me.

 For instance, there is NEWLINE, a performance running gear manufacturer from Denmark. I have already a couple of their products and they are practical, keep warm and dry (they even have running trousers for a temperature range of -15 to 0°C!!) and are well-designed. I love especially their new winter and autumn collection!


And why should one use big brands, which neither design or produce their products in Europe, if you can get so nice ones here? Another one that I discovered lately is KARI TRAA, another Scandinavian brand, which is totally colourful and fresh and where I particularly love these colourful Merino baselayers: 


Fast cocoa protein balls

Maybe you are like me, after a run you just simply want to have something fast and sweet but also not too sweet… therefore these cocoa balls are exactly the right thing: no baking is necessary, they are done in max. 10 minutes, have some protein and are deliciously chocolately!


As I’m not that a big fan of coconut, I decided to roll the cocoa protein balls in chia seeds instead.