South Africa the Second

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It has already been a while ago since I was in South Africa, in fact it was in January but at least this time I have a valuable excuse for not making the post earlier on. My camera broke down at the end of the trip and most the pictures were not available anymore. Same happened to my tablet, which is still acting up. Imagine how disappointed I was! It would take half a year and a dedicated photographer (Pierre from to recover my dear pictures.

While the trip was initially planned as a study trip to do some field research and interviews for my master dissertation, I was very happy to finally get to see this part of South Africa and especially to discover Stellenbosch, a town of particular interest for any triathlete or fanatic sport lover and not for no reason!! To keep it short, after my stay there I went shortly to Cape Town to leave afterwards for a trip along the garden route / coast up to Plettenberg Bay, back again, Simon’s Town and Stellenbosch again. One of my highlights was definitely to visit the Knysna National Park and to meet and touch the elephants, one of my favourite animals. It was very special!

Again, I was very lucky to meet very nice travel mates. A special thanks to Gesa and Rike, for most people probably better known as Jesus and Maria, who I met first in Stellenbosch and then again on the garden route for many days and adventures. You were super entertaining!:) Remember the climb of Stellenbosch “mountain”, our long, hot but rewarding search for the infamous waterfalls  in Jonkershoek and later on in Wilderness, the many walks on the rails (some more dangerous than others lol), the caveman, visiting the elephant park and many many more.
Thank you to ‘Scottish’ Benjamin to jump out of the bus (still hilarious!), spontaneously change all the travel plans, stay another couple of days with our trio and that way was part of a good couple of above mentioned activities!:)
Furthermore there has been Ryan who was that nice to offer me a sleeping place in Stellenbosch even though his landlord was everything but happy about it;) He helped me already out in 2013 to learn to surf (unfortunately without success) and later on to find a roof over my head in outsold Durban (it was shortly after Mandela’s funeral)… Thanks for your great hospitality and I really hope that I can return the favour one day.


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    30th October 2015

    mega deng fotoen!!! Gess beneid 😛

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      1st November 2015

      Merci :* Mir ginn eng Kéier zesummen dohin…

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    Anne Schmit
    24th November 2015

    ech hoffen ech sin dann dobai 😀 ganz schein Fotoen 🙂

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    Bee Thayer
    1st February 2016

    It is a good idea to share views on a blog about people’s travel experience and holiday ideas.

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