Sporty things that I am going crazy for lately

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There are a couple of things in the sports world that I’m going crazy for lately.

First of all, I discovered in the last months a couple of very nice sports clothes that just simply amazes me.

 For instance, there is NEWLINE, a performance running gear manufacturer from Denmark. I have already a couple of their products and they are practical, keep warm and dry (they even have running trousers for a temperature range of -15 to 0°C!!) and are well-designed. I love especially their new winter and autumn collection!


And why should one use big brands, which neither design or produce their products in Europe, if you can get so nice ones here? Another one that I discovered lately is KARI TRAA, another Scandinavian brand, which is totally colourful and fresh and where I particularly love these colourful Merino baselayers: 

I definitely hope that I will get one of these as a christmas gift (please 😉 ).

I also like the GOCOCO socks, a Swedish design and European product. I will for sure get myself one to two pairs for the next season! In the future I will try even more to look where my products are from and where they are designed in order to support smaller brands like these ones. Not to mention that I think that they are beautifully designed!

A project that I absolutely like is OXYGEN. It is about empowering women for outdoor sports. Please consider this:

83% of girls will quit sport all physical activity by the age of seventeen.
By the age of 6, girls will start to underestimate their abilities in both sport, and later in their professional lives.
Female athletes receive 0.5% of the sponsorship and prize money.
Male dominated pro-sport makes up 98% of all TV sports coverage while the most widely practiced sports, your sport, receives little to no exposure.
In 2015, young girls are still not allowed to play some sports.
The average Olympic medal is won at 33 years old, whereas most athletes retire after high school.
Unhealthy lifestyle and poor fitness is the single highest cost to the healthcare system and #1 cause of death. And it is preventable.

I look forward to seeing the film but you can already enjoy the trailer:

For all those in the Benelux, or those who don’t mind travelling more far to enjoy triathlon and trail running competitions unlike others, please have a look here: They organise for instance unusual distances (1-100-10), in March one with kayaking instead of swimming, events which include mountain biking AND road cycling… I will plan 1-2 of these for the next season. 

Oh yes and it is Christmas soon, so have a look at E.O.F.T.’s excellent adventure “christmas” wish list: and by the way their 2015/2016 film tour is really worth to visit if you haven’t done it yet. Tamara Lunger just simply rocks, not to mention the fascinating coverage of the young Americans, Mustang horses and their trip through the States!

Any suggestions? 🙂





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    2nd December 2015

    KARI TRAA!! very nice article

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