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Just for the fun of it, Martin and I started a couple of weeks ago a list with 50 things we want to do before we turn 50. We allowed ourselves a couple of years to do it;) Which first sounded really easy, has proved to be quite challenging. Both of us have already travelled and done quite a lot of things, events, “extreme” sports (which all emerged to be not that extreme, well or at least not extreme enough) and less extreme ones like you can see on our little selection of images on the banner picture above. 

Of course we will keep you updated about our progresses… so here’s our list: 

  1. Do the Crocodile Trophy in Australia
  2. Learn another language
  3. Organise a charity event
  4. See a ‘Simply Red’ concert
  5. Adopt a rescue pet
  6. Climb Mount Khuiten in Mongolia
  7. Do a dog-sled ride (for me probably the toughest as I don’t like the cold)
  8. Learn to drive a motorbike
  9. Do a kayak trip along the Canadian coast
  10. Do a trainings camp on one of the Canary or Balearic Islands (click HERE to see pictures of our trip to Girona)
  11. Participate at the Ötillö, the SwimRun World Championship
  12. Buy a dog (yes, yes!)
  13. Fly a helicopter
  14. Trek in Bhutan
  15. Participate at the Norseman
  16. Do the Ironman Hawaii
  17. Participate at the UTMB
  18. Trek the Anapurna Circuit before it gets too popular (probably too late)
  19. Do an Ultra marathon — DONE — together in July: Verbier ‘La Traversée’, click here)
  20. Cycle from Europe to Australia
  21. Participate at Cape Epic
  22. Buy everyone in a bar a drink
  23. Live for at least 1 year in Stellenbosch
  24. Play polo in Argentina
  25. Start your own Café
  26. Live 1-2 years in the States
  27. Start your own developing project in Africa
  28. See the Chinese New Years’ parades, well or Rio carneval
  29. Cycle from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego
  30. See a U2 concert
  31. Visit the cockpit of a plane
  32. Do skydiving (again -> it was so much fun that I want to do it again haha)
  33. Attend the Olympics
  34. Learn to dance properly
  35. Be someone’s mentor
  36. Organise your own sport event
  37. Visit the concentration camps (only Michèle; Martin: Berlin)
  38. Go up in a hot-air balloon
  39. Shower in a waterfall (only Michèle; Martin: Freiburg)
  40. Visit the Redwood National and State Parks and see the gigantic trees
  41. Get invited to speak overseas
  42. Visit finally Rome together
  43. See the Northern Lights
  44. Do everyday stretching or yoga for at least one month
  45. Make a donation to Wikipedia
  46. Drive a car in Saudi-Arabia (Michèle)
  47. Do a cliff-skydive jump
  48. Have your own E.O.F.T film sequence
  49. Do a PhD and hold a chair at a university
  50. Start your own cycling kit/brand



Maybe that will motivate some of you to create your own to-do list 🙂


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    6th September 2015

    Eng Méiglechkeet iech zwee net aus den Aan ze verléieren déi nächst Joeren, tiptop 🙂 vill Spaass rondrëm d’Welt gewënscht!! Ech freeë mech op Fotoen 🙂

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      1st November 2015

      Christine, hat dir nach net geäntwert…merci! ech hoffen op alle Fall datt mir ganz vill Punkten ëmsëtzen können! An mir verléieren éis ganz sëcher net aus den Aan:)

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    13th April 2016

    Michèle Schmit, you are such an inspiring woman!!
    Keep going! 🙂

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